Jean Marshall, President and Founder of J MAR, has over thirty years’ experience recruiting highly skilled candidates.  After receiving her education from the University of Texas and a successful career in accounting, auditing and recruitment, Ms. Marshall founded J MAR & Associates. Under her leadership, J MAR has become a nationally recognized search firm.

J MAR is a professional group of associates with strong business backgrounds. Due to their expertise, our staff readily develops the knowledge, trust and rapport necessary to provide personalized support and exceptional results. Members of the J MAR team invest significant time establishing and building confidential relationships with clients and candidates.

J MAR has access to a variety of resources to discreetly target and engage exceptional candidates.  We utilize energy industry professional organizations, direct sourcing and referrals to complement our internal candidate database.  Our staffing specialists can quickly address position requirements and expectations.

Our attention to detail distinguishes J MAR from other search firms. We make it a priority to know our client companies from the top – down.