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“I knew I was fortunate to be working for J MAR, but didn’t realize how much until lately.  It means a great deal to be treated like a professional, and know if you have a problem or question, you can pick up the phone and get an answer.  Everyone I’ve dealt with in the J MAR organization goes the extra mile to accommodate requests and overall, make my working life the best it can be.”  –  PB

“I have enjoyed working with the J MAR staff over the past several years.  Everyone is friendly and helpful.  I highly recommend J MAR when the opportunity arises.” –  DM

“I have worked with J MAR for approximately 15 years.  Not only did J MAR place me, but they have also provided professional personnel for my department.  Through their diligent effort, we have become one of the most successful geoscience groups working today!” –  CN

My experience with J MAR has been outstanding.  I was in the market for an HR Manager position last summer. J MAR was able to meet all my needs in regards to finding a new position.  They are professional, courteous and look out for their clients. They did an excellent job of building a relationship with me and continued to follow up after I started to make sure I was happy in my new position.  I highly recommend J MAR.”  –  DL