I like the approach J MAR uses in searching for candidates. The screening interview prior to a formal interview with a company represents an opportunity to evaluate the best fit for the candidate, as well as the potential company. In addition, J MAR follows up with candidates and hiring managers for several months after the placement. This is something I had not experienced before. This is an example of J MARʼs personal touch.
– JK

I have worked with J MAR for approximately ten years and throughout I have found them to be professional and forthright while maintaining the highest level of confidentiality. For me, their strong suit was presenting quality candidates over quantity. My time was not wasted in the interview process. I highly recommend their services.”
– DL

Based on my experience, J MAR provides outstanding service. I get the feeling they really know the individuals they represent. My company has converted more J MAR temps to full-time employees than any other firm. JMAR consistently provides resumes more quickly than any of the other firms I have dealt with.”
– BY

J MAR’s knowledge of the industry sets them apart. I never hesitate to recommend J MAR to job seekers or those looking to hire.”
– JB 

“Jean and Theresa, no matter how this search turns out I can honestly say I have been impressed with the level of professionalism and communication from your team. In my experience, your team has been the best I have worked with to date.
– RL