Much discussion is in place about the current state of the Energy  industry.  Factors such as low oil and gas prices and the continued uncertain regulatory environment play the largest role in the conversation.

However, hiring decisions and especially career decisions are not made with short timelines in mind.  Whether the wellbeing of the company is at stake or organizational planning and staffing decisions are crucial, these decisions are not affected by day-to-day fluctuations in prices or demand.  This same principal should be followed by individuals contemplating a career move.  Energy companies and job seeking professionals understand the cyclical nature of the business and are always thinking forward.


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Below are 5 tips for landing your dream job.

1. Master Skills

Employers are seeking multi-faceted professionals who add value.  Many energy related professional associations are geared towards continuing education.  Whether you need CEUs or just want to keep up to date in your field, this can be accomplished through online webinars or monthly meetings.  Educate yourself and develop more skills!

 2. The New Resume

Yes, you will almost always need a professional resume but also consider your social media profile as an employment tool.  Create a Linkedin profile to highlight your accomplishments, work portfolio and show your personality.  Further, Linkedin analytics show profiles with a picture are viewed 14 times more than profiles without a picture.  Typically, we recommend a professional picture.

Tips for choosing the right photo:

  • Pick a picture that looks like you
  • Make sure your face takes up at least 60% of frame
  • Wear what you would wear to work
  • Chose a background that is not distracting.

 3. Connect With Others

Join professional groups and associations.  Network with people who work in companies you’re interested in. Networking has the ability to open many doors and knowing others in the field you want to be in can lead to many job referrals.


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4. Focus On What Matters

If you are in your job for the money, title, and/or prestige, you will not be fulfilled.  Discover what speaks to you and start doing it.  Successful career management should include personal fulfillment, work/life balance, and goal achievement.  When you are doing what you love, happiness and money will follow.

 5. Use a Recruiter

Develop a relationship with a trusted recruiter.  Recruiters often work directly with hiring managers and can be a direct source to get your resume in the right hands.