Why Should Someone Use A Recruiter?

Finding the right opportunity can be time consuming and challenging, especially when you are working. JMAR is able to introduce you to energy companies that fit your career objectives and skills and ensure your resume is presented to the appropriate decision makers.

What Is The Cost Of Your Services?

Our services are free of charge to candidates.

Who Will See My Resume? (CONFIDENTIALITY)

J MAR never submits resumes to companies unsolicited. Your resume will not be spammed nor will it be posted by us on Social Media or the Web. We adhere to a strict confidentiality policy.

Where Does J MAR Place People?

J MAR places people throughout the United States.

I Don’t See A Position Listed That Fits My Skills — What Next?

Our list of job openings changes day-to-day. If you don’t see the ideal position for you, it is likely that opportunity is around the corner. Register to receive email notifications for new job openings in your desired geographic and technical area of expertise or upload your resume.

What Professional Organizations Does J MAR Partner With?

J MAR’s Team of energy professionals holds memberships in numerous organizations including: AADE, AAPG, AAPL, AESC, AGA, AIPG, ASME, COPAS, DAPL, Dallas HR, DGS, Desk & Derrick, DFWALTA, FENG, GPS, IADC, IMA, NALTA, SEG, SHRM, SPE, TAEP, TIPRO, WBEA, WEN, and YPE.